🇬🇧Is it STUDY?🇺🇸

Hi, Dear.

well, I’m ganna write down about “English study” today. It’s just in my case.

I watched “ YouTube “ recently. Is not only studying. Try to enjoy it. I think that is very important things for learning something. And also keep doing is better than study hard.

My recommendation YouTube channels are “Kevin’s English room”,”Gariben TV” and “Native camp”.

“Kevin’s English room,” tells me what is difference between the America and Japan. Then I’m known American culture sometimes. And also It remember me American journey for past. I wanna go there near future again.
They try to make American cuisines and compare American stuff and Japanese stuff. It’s so fun! And they judge those stuff sometimes. Then I changed laundry detergent ahaha (@_@)

Anyhow, “Gariben TV” helps me leaning skill. I pick up a nice topic I’m interested in. Just listening English speech. They use subtitles so it’s so useful.
I never know many actresses and actors think about great things. For example, woman’s rights and caring for children and Buddies in the academy, etc. So when I’m known I was so surprised.  They do volunteer and donations. It’s so great.

“Native camp,” tells me what is difference between experts and beginners who chose English words. In my case, some words I know and use them. But I don’t know some words so it’s very good learning. I hope to increase my vocabulary.

And I wanna talk to you in English smoothly. Then enjoy our nice time together.